I’m running for money from KPO. The Prime Minister’s Office published an unusual recording

I'm running for money from KPO.  The Prime Minister's Office published an unusual recording

An unusual recording appeared on the profile of the Prime Minister’s Office on the X social networking site. It shows the Polish ambassador to the European Union, Piotr Serafin, who is “running for money from the KPO”.

The payment of funds to Poland from the National Reconstruction Program was one of the most frequently repeated demands of all parties of the Coalition on October 15 during the election campaign. Prime Minister Donald Tusk also spoke about the need to unblock the money at numerous meetings with voters, promising that he would reach an agreement on this matter with Brussels already. “first day after the elections”.

I’m running for money from KPO

We have to make it this evening so that tomorrow Tusk and Von der Leyen can agree on a payment of PLN 5 billion for Poland. It’s already 8:35 p.m., they normally finish work at this time – says the Polish ambassador to the European Union, Piotr Serafin, in the recording published on the website of the 10th Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The video shows an official running through the corridors of one of the offices with a gray briefcase full of documents.

We are saved, we made it. Now everything is in the hands of Tusk and Von der Leyen. he says in a slightly breathless voice at the end of the recording.

Advance payment from KPO. EUR 5 billion for Poland

What 5 billion euros are we talking about? We are talking about the funds approved on December 8 by the ministers of European Union countries as part of the advance payment from the National Reconstruction Program.

It is worth recalling that the decision was made at the last possible date. If they did not agree to the payment of funds, the advance payment for Poland would simply be lost.

The first advance installments can be paid in January 2024. We are entitled to 20 percent. advance payment, i.e. nearly EUR 4.7 billion.

The money will be a nice surprise after months of silence on this topic, but the test for the new government will be the release of the money frozen in the “full-scale” KPO. This amounts to EUR 34 billion – EUR 22.5 billion in grants and EUR 11.5 billion in loans. However, for this to happen, milestones must be met – so far, especially the expectations regarding the judiciary have proved impossible for the government to meet.

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