Farmers started a hunger strike in the Sejm. They want to meet Prime Minister Tusk

Farmers started a hunger strike in the Sejm.  They want to meet Prime Minister Tusk

Farmers protesting in the Sejm announced on Monday, May 13, that they were starting a hunger strike. They will continue until the head of government, Donald Tusk, meets with them.

Information about the strikers' new approach to the protest was provided on their behalf by Mariusz Borowiak from the Farmers' Union “Orka”. He also called on MPs to join the protesters in a gesture of solidarity.

Farmers in the Sejm announce a hunger protest

A television reporter in Poland learned that PiS MPs Anna Gembicka and Agnieszka Wojciechowska van Heukelom and MP Krzysztof Mulawa from Confederation are considering such a move. – We are starting a hunger strike and we will continue it until Prime Minister Donald Tusk meets with us – said Borowiak.

As announced by the farmers' representative, they intend to drink only water and completely give up meals. So far, MPs have been helping protesters with food issues. Striking men occupied the Sejm corridor throughout the weekend. They slept on sleeping mats spread on the floor.

The protest of 11 people from the “Orka” Agricultural Union began in the Sejm on Thursday, May 9. One of them emphasized the next day that the purpose of the demonstration was solely to meet Prime Minister Donald Tusk and talk about the Green Deal.

Who are the farmers protesting in the Sejm?

In one of his entries on Twitter, the head of Agrounia revealed who the leaders of the protesting farmers were. “One of them is Mr. Radosław, who during the PiS government had to take up work other than agriculture because he was unable to make a living from running a farm. He didn't protest then, but became a truck driver. After PiS lost the elections, he became involved in “agricultural” protests.
Currently, he is a regular guest of Televzija Republika and a commentator,” said the deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Among the leaders of the protesting farmers was also Mariusz Borowiak, a farmer from Oraczewo in the Wróblew commune near Sieradz. In the past, he was a member of Agrounia, but his path with Michał Kołodziejczak diverged. The farmer became famous for his unusual actions – he poured slurry onto the road and lit a barbecue in the middle of a roundabout.

Although they protested together many times in the past, now they don't want to have anything to do with their former companion – Michał Kołodziejczak. – He showed why he entered the Sejm. We shouldn't talk about traitors. What has he done so far? The boys were beaten by the police. He could have left then and thrown the papers. He didn't come out. Farmers do not support it, he said.

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