Macierewicz announces a referendum on the liquidation of the Polish state. “This is just the beginning”

Macierewicz announces a referendum on the liquidation of the Polish state.  "This is just the beginning"

Antoni Macierewicz assessed the January 11 demonstration in his latest video column for TV Trwam and Radio Maryja. In his opinion, it was one of the most important in the modern history of our country.

The former head of the Ministry of National Defense expressed his belief that Thursday’s demonstration in front of the Sejm was “one of the largest and most important demonstrations in the history of Poland over the last several decades.” He assured that its participants did not express support for a specific party or political option. He called them an “independence, nationwide formation.”

Macierewicz talked about an attempt to destroy the Polish state

The politician convinced viewers and listeners that they were currently dealing with an “attempt to destroy the Polish state.” — Evidence of this is what was done the day before yesterday towards the president and ministers Kamiński and Wąsik. The attempt to arrest MPs, the attempt to attack the President of the Republic of Poland by the service on the orders of the Prime Minister, is something that has never happened in independent Poland and never in any European country – he said.

Macierewicz said that the services attacked the president and did it “in favor of a crime, in favor of a crime, in favor of a coup d’état.” In his opinion, the people gathered in front of the Sejm on Thursday, July 11, were protesting not only against that event. – It is primarily about questioning Poland’s independence, he said. – It is primarily about striving to liquidate the Polish state – he repeated.

Macierewicz: Referendum on consent to the liquidation of the Polish state

– We must be aware that this demonstration is the beginning of Poland’s great independence movement. It will be fundamental when we hold a referendum deciding whether we agree to the liquidation of the Polish state or not. It will probably be September, maybe October this year – added Antoni Macierewicz.

As usual in such situations, it is not known how many people could have taken part in Thursday’s demonstration of Law and Justice supporters. Protesters began to gather in front of the Sejm building at around 3 p.m., and the event officially started shortly after 16. The organizers informed the audience that there were up to 300,000 of them. Such calculations were repeated by PiS politicians, including: Przemysław Czarnek and Beata Kempa. On Friday, Mateusz Morawiecki talked about approximately 200,000. present.

The capital’s city hall, in turn, calculated based on surveillance cameras that there could have been almost ten times fewer demonstrators. Estimates show that there were approximately 35,000 people in the assembly in front of the Sejm. people. Secretary of State at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Wiesław Szczepański informed Polsat News that the statistics indicate 35-40 thousand. participants.

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