Minister Błaszczak’s office destroyed. “Aggression heated by the Civic Platform”

Minister Błaszczak's office destroyed.  "Aggression heated by the Civic Platform"

There was another attack on the parliamentary office of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak. This is also another recent attack on a politician or his property.

A window was broken in the parliamentary office of the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak in Legionowo. Stones and paving stones were thrown at the window. The act of vandalism was reported to the services around 8 a.m. The attack most likely took place on the night from Thursday to Friday.

“Another act of vandalism in the Parliamentary Office of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak! Is the only program of the opposition to devastate property, destroy MPs’ offices and intimidate employees? The case was reported to the police. We want a safe future for Poles, and they are devastated Poland,” said Adam Lubiak, advisor to Minister Błaszczak, starosta of Wołomin and a candidate for the Senate, on Friday.

PiS spokesman accuses Donald Tusk

Rafał Bochenek, spokesman for Law and Justice, also commented on the attack on the parliamentary office during the press conference.

– This is another example of aggression directed against politicians of Law and Justice and the United Right. Aggression that actually resonates from this public, political space, and some private television stations. (…) This shows that people can no longer stand this pressure, this aggression heated by the Civic Platform and Donald Tusk, said Bochenek.

Numerous attacks on politicians recently

In fact, this is another recent attack on the parliamentary office of a representative of Law and Justice. At the beginning of August, the sign and facade of the building housing the office of MP Marek Matuszewski were destroyed.

This is also another attack on Minister Błaszczak’s office in a short period of time. The windows of the building in Legionowo had to be changed already in mid-March, when they were broken by unknown perpetrators.

However, numerous attacks on the offices of MPs from the ruling camp do not mean that the opposition is behind them. Members of other parties are also their victims. Last weekend, Civic Coalition MP Witold Zembaczyński was attacked. An aggressive man threatened him with death and broke the window of his bus.

– This is a direct attack and attack on the opposition. Kukiz and PiS members, I won’t forgive you! – Zembaczyński commented after the attack.

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