Houses for… 60 cents. Buyers must meet several conditions

Houses for... 60 cents.  Buyers must meet several conditions

Legrad is trying to attract new residents in an unusual way. Real estate in this town can be purchased at a very attractive price. What’s the catch?

Legrad, located in Croatia, became famous thanks to its unusual offer. A small town with approximately 2,200 inhabitants. people, wants to attract new residents in an original way. He sells houses at – to put it mildly – ​​a bargain price.

Croatia. Real estate for… 60 cents

To become the owner of a property you have to pay 1 kuna, which is about 60 groszy. However, this is not all that formalities are satisfied. Potential buyers must meet several conditions. First, you must be fully employed when you purchase a home. Moreover, real estate buyers must also undertake, among others: that they will stay in the town for the next 15 years.

The properties offered at an attractive price require general renovation, but there is also good news. The local authorities have committed to financial support for the future owners in these works in the amount of PLN 25,000. kuna, i.e. the equivalent of just over 15,000. zlotys. The authorities put 19 properties up for sale. Some of them have already found new owners.

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