He boasted that he spent Labor Day at the office. The reaction of Internet users was predictable

He boasted that he spent Labor Day at the office.  The reaction of Internet users was predictable

A young councilor of the Wawer district in Warsaw caused quite a stir on social media. He boasted that he spent Labor Day at the office and… added thanks to the employer.

This year's May weekend is exceptionally long. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy it to the fullest. Perhaps this is the reason why some Internet users are upset with Mikołaj Wasiewicz's post. The young influencer decided, slightly against the current mood, to boast about his work on days off and at the same time thank his boss.

Labor Day at work. Plus thanks to the boss

“As a liberal and supporter of capitalism, I celebrate Labor Day at… work! Instead of complaining, I am grateful to my employer for the opportunity to develop. Without brave entrepreneurs, there would be no thousands of jobs and economic development. In the past, people were less demanding and appreciated the opportunity given to them,” Wasiewicz wrote on the X platform.

As you might guess, a similar declaration could not go unnoticed. A councilor elected from the Civic Coalition, working for a large corporation, caused a lot of negative feelings. It started with people pointing out that he was tweeting during work hours.

Internet users about an overzealous employee

“An employee working at a screen monitor is entitled to at least a 5-minute break after each hour of work, included in the working time,” Mikołaj Wasiewicz replied several times. “When you work hard on Christmas and still enjoy it,” another Internet user pointed out.

“Work-life balance, you obviously haven't matured yet. More than once, work will grind you up, chew you up and throw you away. The employer cares deeply about your health, private and family time. And that's what Excel counts later,” commented Jacek Gadzinowski.

“You can't be real,” another Internet user commented. Another person added that without a shovel, it's not work. It was also pointed out that this type of entry was only possible due to the employee's young experience and lack of family with whom he could spend his free time. There was also an unconvincing smile in the photo. “But you know everyone is making fun of you?” – summed up one of the commenters.

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