A popular holiday country is building a new capital. The tallest tower on the continent will be built here

A popular holiday country is building a new capital.  The tallest tower on the continent will be built here

The city created in the middle of the desert will be even larger than initially planned. For now, state officials live there.

Construction works are underway in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. The government is preparing to spend billions more on the idea announced in 2015 by the Minister of Housing Policy, Mostafa Madboula. NAC (New Administrative Capital) is to absorb some of the inhabitants of constantly growing Cairo. In the first stage of work, large tourist facilities are being built.

The capital will be twice as large

The newly established city is to be twice as large as initially planned. The capital, the location of which was chosen in an uninhabited desert area 45 kilometers east of Cairo, is to be a response to the country’s growing population, which currently amounts to over 105 million citizens. The idea has many critics who point to the country’s growing debt. Due to the larger area of ​​the capital, the assumed costs will increase additionally. Currently, mainly officials live in the future metropolis, and, just like in another capital city built by the government, the streets are empty. This is about to change. So far, 100,000 apartments have been built in NAC and 1,200 families have been moved into them.

The tallest tower in Africa

“Built on pristine land, the city is intended to serve as a technologically advanced model of Egypt’s future, away from the mess and chaos of Cairo,” reads an article prepared by Reuters. The first stage of construction includes the construction of gigantic public buildings: a great mosque, a huge cathedral and the largest tower on the African continent, soaring into the sky to a height of 70 meters. Travelers will enjoy fast rail connections to the country’s original capital. An electric train from eastern Cairo began services to NAC last spring. In the second quarter of 2024, traffic between the cities will also be served by a high-speed monorail.

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