Curia is building a huge skyscraper in the center of Warsaw. “We have received permission from the Pope”

Curia is building a huge skyscraper in the center of Warsaw.  "We have received permission from the Pope"

The case of the church investment Roma Tower – commonly called “Nycz Tower” after the name of the Archbishop of Warsaw – is in its final stages. The construction of a 170-meter skyscraper in the capital at the intersection of Nowogrodzka and Emilii Plater streets is no longer opposed by the provincial conservator of monuments. We are talking about doubts related to this investment with the representative of the Archdiocese of Warsaw, attorney Artur Nowicki.

Directly: Why does the Church need an investment such as Roma Tower? Is the Church’s mission to build skyscrapers?

Mec. Artur Nowicki: The church is not implementing an investment called Roma Tower. The project is implemented by a commercial law company in which the Church is a partner. Moreover, no one has questioned or does question the Church’s right to ownership of this property.

The question remains about the mission.

The mission of the Church is, of course, not to build skyscrapers and the Church does not build skyscrapers. However, the method of managing property, i.e. what the Code of Canon Law calls “the temporal goods of the Church”, is to serve the mission of the Church.

In the case we are talking about, a well-known and respected Warsaw developer proposed an economic way to use this property. As representatives of the Church, we have done very serious and professional work aimed at obtaining answers to questions regarding the reliability of this proposal, as well as its feasibility and profitability. Also in the area of ​​partner credibility.

After careful consideration, we applied for and obtained a number of consents to carry out this investment. Even the Pope’s consent was necessary, which we also received.

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