When buying an apartment, you can save up to several thousand zlotys. On August 31, an important tax change came into force

More money for public housing.  Buda with record support

Secondary market apartments purchased after August 31 this year will be exempt from tax on civil law transactions (PCC). The exemption applies to the first apartment.

One of the conveniences for people buying their first apartment is to exempt real estate purchased on the secondary market from tax on civil law transactions. On August 31, the regulations abolishing this tax when purchasing the first apartment will come into force.

No PCC for the first apartment

– This is a huge saving, which is why many people refrained from buying an apartment and only looked for apartments on the primary market. Now it will also be a search on the secondary market, because there will be big savings – said the Minister of Development, Waldemar Buda, on Radio One.

What amounts are we talking about? For an apartment worth PLN 500,000. PLN 2 percent PCC means having to pay PLN 10,000. zloty.

Exemption from PCC when purchasing your first apartment. For whom?

The exemption will apply if the buyer is a natural person or natural persons, and none of them was entitled to the right to the apartment or house on the date of purchase and was not entitled to any of these rights or participation in these rights before that date.

The exception applies to persons who, on the date of conclusion of the sales contract, have or before that date had an interest in such rights, but it does not exceed or did not exceed 50%. and was acquired by inheritance. These people may benefit from exemption.

The PCC exemption will enter into force on August 31, 2023 and will not cover sales made before that date.

2% secure loan Delays in credit decisions

Due to the increased interest in mortgage loans, some customers do not receive financing decisions within the statutory deadline of 21 days. This may expose them to unpleasant situations, especially the loss of the deposit paid to the developer.

Minister Buda admitted that he knew about the problem.

– I asked the banks for information in this regard, I want to look into it. There are regulations specifying the deadline within which banks must issue a credit decision. If it continues, we will react – he said on Wednesday in “Sygnały Dnia” on Polish Radio. He did not explain what actions the ministry could take to speed up the lending process.

In his opinion, over time the number of loan applications will decrease and the problem will solve itself. On July 3, the first interested parties could apply for a loan with a government subsidy. Many people waited to submit an application to the program as soon as possible, hence the large number of applications. The Minister predicts that the number of applications will decrease in the coming months.

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