Holidays 2024 will be full of difficulties. It's going to be aviation chaos

Holidays 2024 will be full of difficulties.  It's going to be aviation chaos

The summer of 2024 may be marked by major problems for air passengers. All because pilots of a well-known trade union intend to go on strike.

There is still some time left until summer, but it already looks like it may require extreme patience from passengers. There will certainly be great interest in flights, but the aviation industry will struggle with a large number of problems. Firstly, there are problems with the delivery of Boeings, and secondly, strikes are announced, which may affect the flow of traffic.

The 2024 holidays will be filled with aviation problems

Air passengers may face problems during the holidays. All because of the upcoming great pilots' strike. They rejected the proposal of a large wage increase. The source says that the Balpa organization now believes that it holds all the cards and will not hesitate to use them.

This makes the easyJet summer strike more and more real. While the new proposal would increase pay to almost £200,000 a year, pilots are determined not to take it up. The offer was voted down, forcing Balpa's union and easyJet bosses to return to the negotiating table. Pilots' representatives will threaten industrial action if the rejected contract is not improved.

Captains with ten years' experience earn £163,589 and the proposed deal would rise to £190,000 in October and almost £200,000 in April.

Senior first officers would receive a further £20,000 to earn a total of £112,879 a year, while first officers' annual pay would rise to £75,446.

“Bosses must find even more money for pilots, otherwise the jets will not take off this summer and holidaymakers will face travel problems,” say representatives of the strikers.

EasyJet added: “We are disappointed that the vote on the pay agreement did not reach the required 50 percent.”

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