A spider nested in a tourist’s finger. Such a holiday souvenir is rare

A spider nested in a tourist's finger.  Such a holiday souvenir is rare

Colin Blake was not expecting such attractions during his holiday in France. He was spending a lovely evening in Marseille when he suddenly noticed that a spider had nested in his square. How is this possible? The situation shocked everyone.

We have learned many times that spiders can spoil a peaceful trip. Some time ago, a van driver near the national park caused an accident due to a tarantula. Although the situation in France was completely different, it also had negative consequences for tourists, just like back then.

A tourist noticed a spider in the square. He didn’t expect this

The man in question was on board a cruise ship in Marseille. There he was supposed to spend a nice time and celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife. Everything was perfect until Colin noticed that his toe was purple and swollen. At first he didn’t panic and was sure it wasn’t anything serious. The end of the case was surprising.

“My wife thought it might be because I had new sandals and they were rubbing against my big toe, which was causing it to turn red,” the tourist revealed in an interview with the BBC. Unfortunately, as the injury did not improve, I had to see a doctor the next day. He stated that it was the result of the bite of a Peruvian wolf spider. The animal laid eggs under its skin and, among other things, this caused irritation.

The tourist thought he left the spider in France. He was shocked at home

Colin Blake was sure he could feel safe after visiting a doctor and having his spider eggs removed. When he returned home to the UK and visited the hospital there, new facts came to light. It turned out that after a few weeks, a small spider that had been stuck under the skin hatched from his finger.

In this situation, medical intervention was once again necessary. The spider was removed for good, and the man could finally feel his foot fully recovering. The whole situation proves that although wolf spiders found in France are not poisonous, they can make life very unpleasant. When staying in port cities, you should be especially careful about them.

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