History is happening before our eyes. A Polish woman’s success in life

History is happening before our eyes.  A Polish woman's success in life

Joanna Kil, after a great chase, won the Continental Cup competition in Nordic combined. This is the biggest success of her career.

Let us remind you that Joanna Kil is the only Nordic combined skier from Poland taking part in international competitions. Over time, the athlete from Chochołów is doing better and better. He tries to combine starts in the World Cup and the Continental Cup. She has just won her first career victory in this second rank competition, triumphing in Klingenthal.

She was in fifth place, and then she did a beautiful job

In the first part of the competition in Klingenthal – in ski jumping – Joanna Kil did well, but was not on the podium. She took 5th place. Later, however, she achieved a great feat by overtaking all her rivals on the cross-country course.

Kil retained the first place, and she beat Sofia Eggensberger, who was second after a series of jumps, by just over 12 seconds. Maria Naehring, another German, completed the podium.

This is how the Polish representative achieved her greatest success in her sports career. So far, her highest place in this series of competitions was fourth. Now, in addition, she is the leader of the general classification of the Continental Cup.

Hope for the top of the World Cup

Results in PK are one thing, but the 23-year-old player also performs decently in top-ranking tournaments. Currently, he is in 17th position in the general World Cup standings. She has accumulated 162 points so far, and six competitions have been played.

This gives hope that soon the representative of our country will permanently establish herself among the best ski combined skiers in the world. It would be a bit of a laugh of fate, considering the fact that we simply don’t have another competitor in the competition. If further progress is made so quickly, it may turn out that Kil will be able to compete for a really valuable result at the next Winter Olympics, which will be held in two years.

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