Pia Skrzyszowska's first such success. She did it despite one problem

Pia Skrzyszowska's first such success.  She did it despite one problem

Pia Skrzyszowska won her first gold medal in the Polish Indoor Championships. The hurdler revealed that she was struggling with one problem.

One of the biggest attractions during Saturday's competition in the Polish Indoor Championships was the 60-meter hurdles race. To fight for medals, the competitors first had to go through the qualifying rounds, which were divided into three starts. Already in the first one, we saw our biggest star, namely Pia Skrzyszowska, who recently – after the Copernicus Cup competition – admitted that she dreams of breaking the national record of 7.77 seconds.

Pia Skrzyszowska with the gold medal of the Polish Indoor Championships

In qualifying, she achieved a much better result than her rivals, as she was the only one to go below eight seconds. She finished the race with a result of 7.99 seconds. As expected, Marika Majewska (8.18 seconds) performed best in the second round, and Weronika Naginać (8.15 seconds) in the third round. Apart from them, Klaudia Siciarz and Alicja Sielska also entered the finals. Zuzanna Zając, Wiktoria Gadajska and Karolina Kołeczek.

Of course, Skrzyszowska was considered the favorite to win the title, as she can definitely run much faster than we saw in her first start during the Polish Indoor Championships. There was a moment in the final when it seemed that Nagień might put more pressure on our fastest hurdler, but she responded ruthlessly. Ultimately, she finished the competition with a time of 7.92, an improvement of 7 hundredths compared to the eliminations.

However, it was not an ideal start, because it is known that the 22-year-old can achieve much better results. Nevertheless, she won her first gold medal in the Polish championship. Interestingly, Skrzyszowska herself assessed herself quite harshly.

Pia Skrzyszowska struggles with this problem

– I have too much slack here. You can see that I moved slowly. I decided I wouldn't risk my reaction. I missed the start after Weronika Naginać. She was ahead of me on the first hurdle. I wanted to run safely, but it's not smart because you can't do that over such a distance, she said bluntly. She also added that she is trying to improve one thing. – I'm trying to reduce one mistake I make regularly. I try to lean more rather than walk straight. I don't think it worked for me today, it was a safe run, but take it easy… – she added.

– I'm running technically and incorrectly here. I jump hurdles more than I run them. I don't know why this happens. My qualifying races in the Polish Championships are always the worst for me. I can't explain it, she concluded.

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