The president of OpenAI does not want virtual escort girls “at his place”. ChatGPT is intended to serve a higher purpose

The president of OpenAI does not want virtual escort girls "at his place".  ChatGPT is intended to serve a higher purpose

The president of OpenAI announced that the GPT Store will prohibit publishing tools that use artificial intelligence to generate virtual girls for one purpose only.

A digital store called GPT Store is a new project of the OpenAI organization behind the invention of the tool ChatGPT, which has been very loud in recent months in the context of introducing an advanced artificial intelligence model into general use. It was ChatGPT that suddenly made the topic of AI appear in virtually all mainstream media.

The president of OpenAI does not want virtual girls at his place

Using ChatGPT and through the GPT Store, developers around the world will be able to publish and sell their own AI applications and tools for a wide variety of purposes. The most important man behind the OpenAI organization, Sam Altman, has just made it clear to everyone that he does not want his digital store to suddenly be flooded with all kinds of tools designed to imitate dating girls created by artificial intelligence, much less content showing them only in a sexual context .

When making this decision, the president of OpenAI probably took into account all the dangers that could come to mind in the context of the widespread availability of a tool in which anyone can create whatever they want and use it for virtually any purpose. It is not difficult to imagine that something like an online market for virtual escort girls could very quickly emerge, which would certainly turn out to be socially harmful in the long run.

A broader social problem

Virtual prostitution, possible thanks to artificial intelligence, is just one example of what is currently in demand among larger and larger groups of people living day by day in an increasingly dehumanized version of reality.

All studies of contemporary demographic trends show that from year to year we are increasingly dealing with the so-called singles era. On the one hand, there are many people who simply want to be alone, and on the other, there are more and more people who report feeling lonely and frustrated due to difficulties in finding their other half.

Artificial intelligence will sooner or later be one of the main solutions to these problems. And it doesn’t matter that Sam Altman currently does not agree to it, because the world of artificial intelligence does not end where ChatGPT began.

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