Greenland is getting greener. Scientists are sounding the alarm

Greenland is getting greener.  Scientists are sounding the alarm

Greenland is still a very mysterious country for many of us. Unfortunately, although it is associated with cold and large layers of snow, it is now becoming greener. Scientists talk about the consequences.

Can you imagine that in the future the famous frosty lands will be rich in green colors? This situation may occur in Greenland. Scientists are already reporting that the country is becoming warmer and snow is discovering previously unseen pieces of land. What does this mean for us?

Greenland is getting greener. Scientists warn

Greenland is a country with an area of ​​2,166,086 km², which is 81% is covered by ice sheets. The whole thing is an autonomous territory dependent on Denmark, which is very popular with tourists. Due to low temperatures and difficult conditions, we do not often visit these areas. However, over 56,000 people live there. people who are accustomed to a snowy landscape.

The previously known white land turns green. Scientists notice this and draw conclusions, among others: based on satellite images. It turns out that the number of green areas on the island has become twice as large. This means that due to climate change, it is getting warmer there. According to experts, this should not be a reason to be happy. The process poses a threat to the entire planet.

Greenery in Greenland is a cause for concern

According to CNN, scientists have found that over three decades, Greenland has lost 28,707 square kilometers of ice. This normally reflects solar energy and prevents the Earth from heating up too much, so its loss is a threat to us. The changes may affect changes in water levels in seas and oceans.

The researchers’ report shows that over thirty years, Greenland has lost ice covering an area 36 times the size of New York. Today, areas that were once covered with snow are often wet and green. The rising temperature on Earth will cause the next snow to melt even faster. “We have observed signs that ice loss is triggering further reactions that will lead to further ice loss and further greening of Greenland,” researcher Jonathan Carrivick told the media.

We all feel the consequences of the trial, but the people of Greenland are in the worst situation. Those accustomed to specific conditions may have trouble finding their way in the new green and warmer reality. “These changes are critical, especially for indigenous peoples whose traditional subsistence hunting practices rely on the stability of these fragile ecosystems,” said Michael Grimes, one of the report’s authors.

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