Scandalous banner at the farmers’ protest. Kierwiński’s decisive reaction

Scandalous banner at the farmers' protest.  Kierwiński's decisive reaction

A banner with a call to Vladimir Putin appeared at the farmers’ protest. The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration informed about decisive police actions.

On Tuesday, February 20, farmers blocked roads across Poland. A banner appeared at one of the protests, the content of which triggered an immediate response from the services. The tractor, decorated with the flag of communist Russia, bears a message to Vladimir Putin, who is accused of war crimes.

The protesting farmer turned to Putin. The police reacted

“Putin, put things in order with Ukraine, Brussels and our rulers,” wrote one of the farmers on the banner. The photo quickly found its way online and was initially viewed with a lot of skepticism. Many people thought it must be a photomontage or some other kind of provocation. However, hopes in this regard were dashed by the entry of the Minister of Interior and Administration on the X platform (Twitter).

“For information, the scandalous banner, the photo of which circulated on the Internet, was immediately removed and secured by the police. The police and prosecutor’s office are taking action against its author. There will be no consent to such criminal activities,” wrote Marcin Kierwiński at 6:15 p.m.

Farmers’ protest and road blockades

On Tuesday, February 20, protesting farmers will take to the roads in almost all of Poland. Blockades will appear on national and provincial routes, in city centers and near border crossings with Ukraine. In some parts of the country, hunters will join the action.

A map of expected difficulties has been published on the website of the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union of Individual Farmers “Solidarity”. The updated list already includes almost 200 points where representatives of protesting groups will gather during the day, including: against EU changes.

Most of them are located near Poznań, Lublin and Białystok. Difficulties will also appear near Częstochowa, Gdańsk, Łódź and Kraków. Farmers will also block border crossings in Dorohusk, Hrubieszów and Hrebenne, as well as communication hubs and access roads to transshipment railway stations and sea ports.

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