The temperature has never been so high there. A record was broken in India

The temperature has never been so high there.  A record was broken in India

In the capital of India – New Delhi – thermometers showed as much as 52℃ on Wednesday. Meteorologists expected the temperature to be 9℃ lower that day.

On Tuesday, a record temperature of 49.9℃ was recorded in Mungeshpur and Narela district. However, he was quickly defeated. In the capital of India on May 29, thermometers showed 52.3℃.

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a warning in this regard.

A record was broken in India. The situation is alarming

According to the British daily “The Guardian”, on Wednesday afternoon, in the suburbs of Mungeshpur, thermometers showed as much as 50.5℃. The last time such a high temperature was recorded in Mungeshpur and Nareli was in 2002 and it was 49.2℃. However, the highest recorded temperature, taking into account the entire country, is 51℃ (the record was set in 2016).

The situation concerned the IMD, which issued an urgent warning. Experts pay attention to children and the elderly, whose health is most at risk during such high temperatures – especially when seniors suffer from various diseases. IMD emphasizes that although there are groups at greater risk of the negative impact of heat, residents of all ages can suffer a stroke.

Local authorities appealed to residents to take into account the problem of possible water shortages. The decision was made to deliver it to people not twice a day, but only once – due to the risk of stocks running out quickly – reports The Indian Express.

Residents of India told reporters that it was impossible to get into a hot car left in the sun for a few minutes in recent days. Construction workers said they couldn't work because metal tools left in the sun heated up so quickly that touching them again could cause burns.

Pakistan is also facing high temperatures

A similar temperature situation also occurs in Pakistan, bordering India. In Sindh province in the south of the country, a temperature of 52.2℃ was recorded in recent days. This is very close to the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. This is about 2017, when a record was set in the city of Turbat – 54°C.

The Prime Minister's climate coordinator recently commented on this disturbing situation. “Pakistan is the fifth country most vulnerable to the effects of climate change,” noted Rubina Khursheed Alam during a press conference.

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