Clear words from Ewa Swoboda’s partner. “May he suffer the consequences.”

Clear words from Ewa Swoboda's partner.  “May he suffer the consequences.”

Krzysztof Kiljan referred to the scandal that took place during the Polish Indoor Championships. A man stalking Ewa Swoboda appeared on the stand and was forcibly thrown out of the facility, which had a significant impact on the runner and her partner. The athlete expressed himself clearly on this subject.

The Polish Indoor Championships took place on the weekend of February 17-18, but unfortunately after their end we can talk about them not only in the sports dimension. A significant incident also occurred in one of the stands. Sebastian Urbaniak, who is persecuting Ewa Swoboda, appeared on it. As a result, there was a scuffle involving a 22-year-old man. The whole situation again had a strong impact on the runner and her partner Krzysztof Kiljan.

Charges against Sebastian Urbaniak

Initially, it was not known what exactly happened in the arena – only that the runner herself noticed Urbaniak at the facility and asked security to take him out, which she tried to do. However, he resisted, but in the end four officers dealt with the recalcitrant athlete.

However, a day after the end of the HMP, the Toruń police issued a statement stating that the athlete in question disrupted the sports event, shouting and calling the competition participants, and did not follow the instructions given by the security services. As if that wasn’t enough, he resisted them and hit one of the security guards, damaging his glasses. This will result in charges and a threat of imprisonment for up to 5 years and a high fine.

Krzysztof Kiljan commented on the scandal during HMP

Krzysztof Kiljan also did not avoid this topic when he approached the journalists after the final hurdle race (he took second place with a time of 7.59 seconds). Inevitably, the conversation had to turn to this topic.

– This situation affected me, but yesterday. I am sensitive and I experience such things very much. On the other hand, I already have a lot of experience as an athlete and I can distance myself from it. Paradoxically, it is always easiest to do this at the start. It’s worse if something happens, for example, the day before, like this time. However, it’s nice that it didn’t affect me too much – said the runner in the mixed zone.

– The case is ongoing and I hope it will end this year, although it is known how long the proceedings are taking place in the prosecutor’s office. May he suffer the consequences of his actions. We owe God the spirit, and he has been making our lives miserable for a long time. Now there is no way to write to us, because it has been blocked wherever possible. However, it is very difficult for us – this is how Kiljan summed up the entire thread.

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