Gasworks scam? Not this time. Feel free to take a photo and send it back

Gasworks scam?  Not this time.  Feel free to take a photo and send it back

Some recipients of the text message containing a request to remove the gas meter may have deleted the message immediately for fear of fraud. There is nothing dangerous in this message, but vigilance is commendable.

We have repeatedly asked readers to ignore text messages purporting to be from a bank or various service providers, asking them to click on a link or provide sensitive data. This time it is different: customers of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa do not have to worry that someone has targeted them, but they can react to a text message.

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sends text messages asking for a photo

The company announced that it would send SMS messages to recipients who failed to read the actual meter reading. The purpose of these messages is to remind customers who are absent during the collector's visit about the possibility of sending the gas meter status via e-mail.

PSG will only contact customers if access to the gas meter is difficult and no actual reading has been taken in the last 12 months. They will receive an SMS with information on how to send the meter reading and a photo of the device confirming gas consumption to the operator. First, SMS messages will be sent to recipients classified in the 3rd and 4th tariff groups.

Here is an example of the message sent to customers:

Due to the lack of access to the gas meter, we did not take an actual reading. Therefore, please send PSG the meter reading along with a photo of the gas meter confirming consumption and the address of the consumption point by e-mail: (e-mail address in the domain). Applies to address: ………………. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: 22 444 33 33. Regardless of the message sent, readings are still carried out by collectors according to the planned schedule“.

The company reminds that each customer is obliged to make the gas meter available for reading during the collector's visit. “Regular readings guarantee accurate settlements and increase the level of safety in gas use,” the release said.

This message comes from a verified sender, but we still warn against following the instructions of fraudsters who impersonate bankers or policemen. Sometimes their stories are so convincing that even reasonable people can believe that a real bank employee is contacting them.

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