Russia's nuclear blackmail. What is Putin afraid of?

Russia's nuclear blackmail.  What is Putin afraid of?

NATO is threatening to neutralize Kaliningrad, and Europe is discussing sending troops to Ukraine. Israel, previously indifferent, officially joins the anti-Russian coalition, and Turkish President Erdogan supports the plan to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine. Even Orban admits that he would not like to have a direct border with Russia. That's why the Kremlin is back to vigorously threatening about how easily Russia could use nuclear weapons.

The Russians must be really insecure if they are again reaching for the nuclear scare against the West. The level of their concern is evidenced by the fact that they tackled it on many fronts at once.

The speech of Putin, who in his 19th speech again threatened a nuclear war against the West, was preceded by something more than the usual antics of former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. To exert nuclear pressure, the Kremlin also used the leak of secret documents provided to the renowned Financial Times. They are intended to show in detail what Putin says: Moscow can use tactical nuclear weapons easily and without much hesitation – its inability to cope with war by conventional means is enough.

Since the bar is so low, an attack may occur at any time – the Russians seem to be signaling in this way, revealing their actual weakness towards the West.

The nuclear war threat campaign comes at a time when things are starting to turn unfavorable for Russia.

Europe's chronic indecisiveness in confronting Moscow has so far protected – and still protects – Russian interests. However, serious cracks are beginning to appear in this foundation, which cannot be mended by faith in Olaf Scholz alone or by the change in American policy towards Russia after Donald Trump came to power.

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