It is considered the best flour. A friend recommended it to me as a healthier alternative to the classic one

It is considered the best flour.  A friend recommended it to me as a healthier alternative to the classic one

Spelled flour is a better substitute for wheat flour. It is healthier, and we can make almost the same baked goods and dishes from it. We explain how its beneficial properties affect the body.

By eating properly, we can improve the condition of our body. However, you need to choose the right products. A good example is choosing a healthier substitute for wheat flour, i.e. spelled flour. Spelled itself is called “medicinal grain”, and St. Hildegard believed that this grain was the most important element of a healthy diet. Such flour can be successfully used for baking, pasta or pizza, but also for pancakes and various types of pancakes.

Spelled flour as a healthier replacement for wheat flour

We reach for spelled flour more and more often. The main reason is that it is considered healthier than wheat flour. It is obtained from milling cleaned spelled wheat grains. It is similar to regular white flour, but compared to wheat flour it is richer in dietary fiber. This, in turn, makes us feel more full after eating a dish with it. It also improves intestinal peristalsis and accelerates metabolism. It also contains more vitamins and minerals. It causes a feeling of satiety and regulates intestinal transit, which in turn is important for people who struggle with constipation. Spelled flour also slows down the absorption of glucose into the blood.

Spelled flour, compared to wheat flour, has 30 to 60 percent more minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron and copper. It also has 1.5 times more calcium and twice as much iron. Additionally, spelled flour lowers blood cholesterol levels, has antibacterial properties, and contains healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

What to use spelled flour for?

The use of spelled flour in cooking is very wide. You can use it as a substitute for white flour when baking bread, various types of cakes and pizza bases. You can also use spelled flour to make delicious and healthy alternatives to classic wheat rolls. Pancakes and spelled cookies are also popular. You can also successfully use this flour to thicken sauces. All types of spelled flour can also be mixed freely.

However, pay attention to the type of flour. For example, type 2000 spelled flour, i.e. dark spelled flour, is perfect for preparing whole grain bread or cakes that will not be affected by the weight of the flour. In turn, graham 1850 spelled flour will be suitable for bread and rolls, and spelled flour type 700, 650 or 550, i.e. white spelled flour, can be used for most recipes. It is worth having not only spelled flour in your kitchen, but also other types. See what are the best substitutes for wheat flour.

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