Subsidies from Tauron for heating replacement. Money for the inhabitants of several provinces

Subsidies from Tauron for heating replacement.  Money for the inhabitants of several provinces

Grupa Tauron allocates almost PLN 2.5 million for subsidies for households from the south of Poland, which decide to replace their heating with more efficient ones. This year, heat pumps are co-financed, and the amount of co-financing has increased to PLN 4.4 thousand. PLN, the company announced.

Tauron runs a subsidy program for the replacement of heating in single-family houses. You can receive up to PLN 4,400 of non-returnable funding for this purpose – it can be up to 100 percent. the value of investments in home heating with a higher energy efficiency class. Participation in the program can be combined with other forms of support, e.g. subsidies from the government program “Clean Air”.

As Tauron informed on Wednesday, so far the participants of the program have received a total of over PLN 1.6 million in subsidies, and by the end of the year the amount of support should increase by another approx. PLN 900,000. zloty.

– We estimate that by the end of the year, the pool of funds received by the participants of the +Warm up with Tauron+ program will reach nearly PLN 2.5 million – said Paweł Szczeszek, President of the Tauron Group.

Heat pumps: why is it worth it?

This year, you can get a non-refundable subsidy for a heat pump. In the last year’s edition, it was the co-financing for this device that was the most successful.

Company representatives argue in materials advertising subsidies that heat pumps, whose efficiency can reach even several hundred percent, are the most ecological replacement for traditional furnaces, the so-called cinderellas. This is due to the ratio of the energy supplied by the pump in the form of heat to the energy used for the operation of the pump in the form of electricity. The data shows that the installation of a heat pump can increase the efficiency of home heating up to three times.

Unlike classic boilers for fossil fuels and biofuels, the heat pump gives back several times more energy in the form of heat than it consumed electricity. It can have an efficiency of, for example, 400 percent, which means that 4 kW of heat are generated from 1 kW of electricity (COP 4). This is possible because electricity does not convert directly into heat, but is used to receive free heat from the environment – from the air, ground, water.

Who can apply for a subsidy from Tauron?

Owners of single-family houses from the voivodeships where Tauron operates: Dolnośląskie, Opolskie, Śląskie and Małopolskie, as well as in the area serviced by the technical partner performing the installation order, may apply for funding.

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