From Krakow to the sea in less than 5 hours. PKP announces an express route

From Krakow to the sea in less than 5 hours.  PKP announces an express route

Traveling at an express pace is what you dream about? If so, you will surely like the new route proposed by PKP Intercity. Soon, we are to travel from Krakow to Gdańsk in only 4 hours and 50 minutes.

Traveling from the south of Poland to the Baltic Sea has been associated with something time-consuming and tiring for years. PKP Intercity has been working for a long time to launch a connection that will dispel these negative associations. Now it turns out that the plan will be implemented, and travelers will benefit from express travel to Gdansk from Krakow. Driving time is expected to shorten soon after the holidays.

In addition, the carrier recently announced the modernization of many carriages to make life easier for traveling cyclists, families with children and people with disabilities. The works will take some time, but soon they will improve the comfort of driving.

Express trips to the seaside from Krakow

PKP Intercity has announced that the travel time on popular routes will be less than 5 hours. The route from Kraków to Gdańsk will be record-breaking, as it will take only 4 hours and 50 minutes. Sounds unbelievable? As long as we do not have to deal with delays, we will certainly feel the comfort of driving.

Cezary Nowak, spokesman for PKP Intercity, said: “The fastest PKP Intercity train is to cover the route from Kraków to Gdańsk in 4 hours and 50 minutes. This is 17 minutes shorter than before and 6 minutes shorter than the best travel time in the history of Polish railways.” This is of course not the only change, because we will also travel faster from Warsaw to Krakow – the route can be covered even in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

The routes: Warszawa Centralna – Wrocław Główny will also be shortened. Journey – by 16 minutes, i.e. up to 3 hours. and 33 minutes or Warszawa Centralna – Poznań Główny – the train will go 20 minutes faster.

Tourists have been waiting for such a solution for a long time. We’ll use it in the fall

The new correction related to the traffic of PKP Intercity trains is to come into force on September 3 and is to be in force until November 11. The carrier also made a promise of “the shortest journey times in history” on some routes. Thanks to the changes, the train routes are to be adapted to the modernization works carried out on the railway lines.

The changes in question are not born overnight, and tourists had to wait a long time for such express connections. PKP Intercity announces that from September 3 we will benefit not only from a larger number of faster trains, but also from a greater choice of seats from the graphic scheme when purchasing a ticket online.

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