In winter to an exotic country. Itaka launches a new direction

In winter to an exotic country.  Itaka launches a new direction

A well-known travel agency announced a new product on social media that will especially appeal to sightseeing enthusiasts. In the winter of 2023/2024, it will take us to an exotic place that we can tour around.

The holiday season is over and tourists are already looking for winter trip offers. This year, there is definitely a growing interest in going to exotic places instead of looking for ski trips. Itaka travel agency is meeting such customer needs and has just announced another novelty for winter 2023/2024.

Some time ago, the tourism industry was electrified by the news that the tour operator would be taking passengers to sunny Brazil. This time I will offer something special to those who dream of a tour around an interesting corner of the world.

Ithaca launches new winter tours

Great news for tourists appeared on Itaka’s Facebook profile.

“When it comes to HOLIDAYS, it’s only UNDER THE PALM TREES! Who wants to go on an exotic trip that combines sightseeing and relaxation in the most remote corners of the world? NEW: Bangkok and Krabi. See for yourself why Thailand makes millions of tourists fall in love with it,” wrote the brand’s representatives on social media.

It turns out that a popular tour operator will take Poles on a tour around Thailand. The offer includes visits to, among others: Bangkok, and a trip to Krabi, famous for its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate.

We will pay PLN 7.5 thousand for a 9-day trip in January 2024. PLN per person. It is also possible to extend your stay in Thailand for additional days. Then we can choose from various hotels where we will rest.

Itaka is not the only one that enriches the offer

Other popular travel agencies in Poland are also following in Itaka’s footsteps. Rainbow Tours has decided to offer customers equally exotic destinations and will take them directly to the island of Margarita, which belongs to Venezuela. Flights will depart from Warsaw and Katowice, and tourists will have a variety of hotels to choose from.

Nekera is also taking part in the race to attract travelers’ attention. This tour operator has not said the last word yet, but has already announced that it will launch trips from the airport in Radom. Customers will be able to make trips from here, e.g. to their favorite Bulgaria and its popular resorts.

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