The luggage was not unloaded from the plane and flew away. The passengers are furious

The luggage was not unloaded from the plane and flew away.  The passengers are furious

The plane had to return to the airport. The passengers were not happy when they learned the reason. The airline’s employees failed to fulfill their duties, which resulted in a significant delay.

A flight from Singapore to Bengaluru had to turn back after it turned out that passengers’ suitcases from the previous flight were still below deck. An unusual error by the airline led to the delay. The carrier had to apologize to its customers.

The plane took off with the luggage

Flight delays are not always caused by weather conditions or random factors. Very often, the airline or the errors of airport employees are responsible for arriving too late at the destination. This type of situation recently occurred during a flight from Katowice to Frankfurt – in the air it turned out that the plane may not have enough fuel.

The flight on the Bengaluru-Singapore route on October 17 was uneventful. The Airbus took off at 21:10 and landed promptly at 04:15 the next day at Changi Airport. The plane had already set off on its way back to India when a bizarre error was discovered. The plane still contained the luggage of passengers served by the carrier on the previous connection. Their suitcases did not reach the terminal but flew away with the turning plane. Planes sometimes have to return to their take-off point due to emergencies, technical problems or weather conditions. However, being turned around because you forgot to unload your luggage from a previous flight doesn’t happen very often.

Airlines apologize to passengers

IndiGO Airlines responded to the incident and issued a statement. “We acknowledge a baggage error by our service partner at Singapore Airport on flight 6E 1006 from Singapore to Bengaluru, which resulted in the aircraft returning to its origin. Passengers were kept informed about the delay and received refreshments,” we read in the statement.

The departure of a commercial aircraft with baggage not intended for the flight or without the passenger to whom it belongs is contrary to security protocol. The unlucky return IndiGO flight did not meet all the requirements set by international codes. The plane managed to reach an altitude of over 8,000 meters above the ground when its crew was informed that the Airbus A321 had taken off with luggage that was to be unloaded in Singapore.

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