Dream lakes for families with children. This Polish region has something to be proud of

Dream lakes for families with children. This Polish region has something to be proud of

When looking for the perfect destination for a holiday with children, you don’t have to look only towards the Baltic Sea and the Tatra Mountains. Tourists’ hearts are also conquered by the lakes of Wielkopolska.

Parents choosing a destination for a summer vacation with children most often wonder between a trip to the seaside, a trip to the mountains or relaxation in Masuria. However, there is a unique region in Poland not without attractions, which offers summer holidays at a much lower price. Wielkopolska delights with beautiful views and safe beaches. We present the five best lakes in this province in 2024.

The best lakes in Wielkopolska

The Wielkopolska beaches can be an alternative to crowded and expensive resorts on the Baltic Sea. The Leszno Nasze Miasto portal has indicated which lakes in the second largest province in Poland will be an ideal option for families with children looking for fun and safety this season. These places are perfect not only for a weekend trip, but also for a longer, week-long stay. Additionally, they meet many requirements that are particularly important when relaxing with the youngest, such as water purity, access to infrastructure or children’s attractions.

5. Lake Margonin

Lake Margonińskie, located in the basin of the Noteć, Warta and Margoninka rivers, has a surface area of ​​approximately 230 hectares. On summer weekends, residents of Poznań, located 80 kilometres away, flock here. No wonder – fans of entertainment will find a water ski lift built in 2010, which was the first facility of this type in Poland at the time. There is a pier at the bathing area, also accessible to people with disabilities. There is a car park next to the beach, which makes it easier to transport accessories or food (although there are also many catering points on site). On the beach, tourists can use public, locked changing rooms.

4. Municipal swimming pool Oborniki “Żwirki”

“Żwirki in Oborniki is in 4th place in the ranking. This is the only artificial reservoir in our ranking, created after gravel mining,” we read in an article by Nasze Miasto. Toilets, showers and changing rooms are available on site. A footbridge for walkers has also been built here, and the rest of the beach is guarded by lifeguards. In the summer season, music, sports and recreational events take place on its fenced area. Children will not be bored – there is a playground, football pitches and a water equipment rental. Entry is completely free.

3. Lake Jaroszewo

This lake located in Sieraków is perfect for tourists looking for a place for a longer stay. Around the reservoir there is a large complex of holiday resorts and sports facilities, such as a tennis court, football and volleyball pitches and a bowling alley. Here we can rent kayaks, boats and sailboats for the whole family. The average depth of the lake is about 14 meters. Like its predecessors, here too, basic infrastructure has been built to ensure comfortable relaxation for adults with children.

2. Lake Niedzięgiel

The popular bathing area in Skorzęcin, according to Internet users and the local portal, came in second place on the podium. Unfortunately, Lake Niedzięgiel, like Lake Głębokie, is drying up every day. According to the assessment of June 20, 2024, the water is suitable for bathing. This is a particularly beautiful place with a well-developed hotel base. If children get bored with water entertainment, Zaurolandia is located just 30 kilometers from the bathing area. In one of the largest dinosaur parks in Poland, we can see these famous reptiles in life size.

1. Lake Powidzkie

Located over an hour’s drive from Poznań, the reservoir wins thanks to its clean beaches and crystal clear water. Located in the area of ​​Lake Powidzkie, the Anastazewska Bay is one of the most beautiful in Poland. It is a place where you can feel like you are on holiday in Croatia. “A few years ago, this lake was classified as first class in terms of cleanliness,” we read.

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