The Polish yacht was attacked by killer whales. The boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea

The Polish yacht was attacked by killer whales.  The boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea

A herd of predators sank the yacht Grazie Mamma. The boat operated by a Polish crew could not be saved.

A Polish vessel sank in the Strait of Gibraltar region. The yacht “Grazie Mamma” was attacked by a pod of killer whales, which hit the rudder fin for 45 minutes, resulting in significant damage and leaks. Attempts by the Moroccan navy to save the boat were unsuccessful. The crew was transported to Spain and there is no threat to their lives.

The Polish yacht sank during the cruise

The dangerous incident occurred on November 1 in the afternoon. The yacht “Grazie Mamma” by Morskie Mile was on a standard commercial cruise towards the Canary Islands. Suddenly the boat began to sink. The reason for the problems at sea was a massive attack of killer whales, which hit the rudder fin directly, leading to more and more damage and leaks. The Sun Odyssey 449 model lasted only a few dozen minutes. Despite attempts to bring the yacht to port made by the captain, crew, rescuers and port tugboats, the unit sank. The Moroccan navy, stationed nearby in Tangier, joined in to help. The boat rested on the bottom near the entrance to the port of Tangier Med. The Polish crew was not injured – everyone was transported to Spain. We warned about dangerous orcas a few months ago. In the article we described where the aggressive behavior of these mammals comes from.

The office promises tourists that the cruises will take place

“Morskie Mile” is trying to control the situation. “We are working to ensure that the upcoming cruises in the Canary Islands take place as planned on our friends’ yachts. We will contact all our guests in the coming days,” says the office that specializes in organizing private cruises to many corners of Europe and the world.

“We sailed this yacht through the most beautiful places in Europe and the Atlantic archipelagos, trained numerous yacht helmsmen, discovered beautiful and unknown things, tasted Mediterranean specialties and sailed, sailed, sailed,” reads the text of the announcement issued by Morskie Mile on its official Facebook profile.

Tourists and the company’s customers are devastated. “I experienced great moments on this yacht in 2019, where I met amazing people, including Captain Wiktor. What’s more, I had booked a place on this unfortunate cruise, but I canceled it at the last minute,” we read.

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