Piotr Żyła will fight in MMA. The opponent confirmed it officially

Piotr Żyła will fight in MMA.  The opponent confirmed it officially

Piotr Żyła is increasingly being asked to perform in combat sports, specifically in freak fights at the Clout MMA gala. Before the start of the second part of the popular event, Sławomir Peszko officially confirmed that the fight between him and the ski jumper would actually take place. He even gave a potential date.

It’s hard to imagine Piotr Żyła in a sport other than ski jumping, but something similar was said, among others. about Tomasz Hajto, Zbigniew Bartman and Błażej Augustyniak. All of the above started their adventure with freak fights. Sławomir Peszko, who is the ambassador of Clout MMA, admits that he wants to face the famous ski jumper, and the aviator admits that he likes challenges, so such a scenario can be expected to come true.

Sławomir Peszko confirmed his willingness to fight Piotr Żyła

The Clout MMA federation has been talking about the alleged interest in Piotr Żyła for a long time. Shortly after one of the competitions during the Krakow-Małopolska European Games, the 36-year-old admitted that he had also heard such rumors and would be interested in performing. Thomas Thurnbichler was not satisfied with Piotr’s words, who ruled out his player’s involvement this year due to the risk of suffering a serious injury. This does not mean that he has completely closed the door to such a solution.

Everything indicates that we will see Piotr Żyła in a cage, and not with just anyone, because Sławomir Peszko challenged him to a fight. The former Wieczysta Kraków player confirmed that he would fight the jumper at Clout MMA in 2024. He did not provide a specific date, but it can be expected that it will take place after the end of the winter ski jumping season.

– I am waiting for my opponent, with whom I have spoken and met. He is in the process of practicing professional sports, so give it a few months and this fight will happen. I suspect next year, in May. The name appeared in the media and I am in contact with Piotr Żyła. He is a big personality who often appears in the media and I am waiting for him – said Sławomir Peszko before the Clout MMA 2 gala.

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