Dawid Kubacki no longer counts in the game for the Crystal Ball? The coach has no doubts

Dawid Kubacki no longer counts in the game for the Crystal Ball?  The coach has no doubts

Polish jumpers had a bad start to this year’s World Cup. According to the Polish coach, Dawid Kubacki has already lost his chance for the Crystal Ball. Despite this, the coach does not consider this season to be wasted.

Since the beginning of the season, Polish jumpers have been lagging behind the world leaders. So far, Piotr Żyła has scored only 65 points, which puts him in 22nd place in the overall World Cup standings, and Dawid Kubacki, who is right behind him, has only one point less. As Mateusz Leleń from TVP Spory calculated, this is the first season since the 2008/09 campaign when the White and Reds do not have any player in the Top 20 before the Four Hills Tournament.

Coach about Dawid Kubacki: He feels as if he was hit in the head with a hammer

There was certainly greater appetite and it seemed that Dawid Kubacki, who finished the previous season in fourth place, would fight for the Crystal Globe. Piotr Żyła spoke in a similar tone before the start of the season. In an interview for Polsat Sport, coach Kazimierz Długopolski states with pain that this opportunity is missing for the player from Nowy Targ.

– Nerves appear and it is very easy to make mistakes. Dawid started this season under great pressure, because there were supposed to be results, but the reality is different. He feels like he’s been hit in the head with a hammer now. The next competitions are running out and there is no significant improvement. He’s probably struggling with his thoughts and wondering what’s going on. It affects the psyche, and the head is very important in this sport, said the coach.

Dawid Kubacki has marginal chances for the Crystal Ball

Unfortunately, the 73-year-old does not give Kubacki much chance to triumph in the general classification of the World Cup. – Dawid will 99 percent not win the Crystal Ball this season – he emphasizes. Despite this, Kazimierz Długopolski believes that this season will not be wasted. The coach believes that the White and Reds will recover.

– It won’t be very good, but it may be good. Żyła has a chance to place in the top ten, Stoch can jump to the second, and in the case of Dawid, everything depends on his head and how he organizes it – he concluded.

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