A shocking tragedy at the zoo. A lion bit a guardian he had known all his life

A shocking tragedy at the zoo.  A lion bit a guardian he had known all his life

A tragic situation occurred in one of the African zoos. A lion's keeper lost his life during a routine activity. This feeding time looked completely different than usual.

Lions are wild and powerful animals. Although it may seem that tamed animals are able to behave gently, we should never forget about the internal nature of predators – it can be unpredictable and may become active when least expected. This is what happened in one of the African zoos. A seemingly everyday situation suddenly turned into a horror story. A caregiver lost his life while feeding his patients.

The lion attacked the guardian. It ended tragically

An employee of the zoo belonging to the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ife, Nigeria, performed his duties in accordance with daily rules. He fed the lions, whom he had known almost all their lives. Unfortunately, one of them suddenly attacked the man. It only took a few seconds for him to die on the spot.

Zoo employees rushed to help immediately when they noticed something bad was happening. Unfortunately, the animal was so powerful that it bit its owner to death. No one was able to help because it was too late. The lion was punished for his actions and was euthanized on the spot shortly after committing the attack.

The lion bit the caregiver. The zoo issued an announcement

Zoo employees responsible for communication with facility guests and the media issued a press release. It was reported that the lion was euthanized due to aggressive behavior and fear for the lives of other employees and tourists. It was also noted that no one expected such an attack because the man taking care of the lions had been taking care of them for nine years. The predators themselves spent their entire lives mainly with him. “We have no idea what happened to the animal to make it attack,” said Abiodun Olarewaju, spokesman for Obafemi Awolowo University.

The president of the Student Union, Abbas Akinremiege, investigated the case and suspected that the attack was caused by human error. The keeper forgot to close the animal enclosure and this may have prompted the lion to attack. Ultimately, no one can fully explain what prompted the predator to do such a drastic act.

Unfortunately, similar attacks have already occurred in various places around the world. A few years ago, a zookeeper in China was brutally mauled by a zebra. Fortunately, this man was a bit luckier and survived. Another time, a tiger in an Australian facility attacked its trainer, who also almost lost his life.

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