Klarta purifiers: Forste 3 and Stor – good because they are Polish?

Klarta purifiers: Forste 3 and Stor – good because they are Polish?

Every year, approximately 50,000 Poles die as a result of breathing polluted air. The Polish company Klarta prepared two purifiers to fight smog, which quickly became very popular in Poland. What is the secret of the Klarta brand?

From an idea to the top of the rankings

The Klarta company was established in 2017 in Warsaw. The capital of Poland, like many other cities in our country, is struggling with the problem of smog, which has been experienced, among others, by: originator and president of Klarta. After unsuccessfully trying to find the perfect air purifier for his apartment, Filip Nakrewicz decided to introduce a device to the market that will meet all the expectations of a modern consumer. In this way, the company’s mission became the production of devices that are effective, beautiful, and at the same time inexpensive. The combination of the knowledge of Polish engineers with the experience of the Chinese factory Cixi Beilian resulted in the introduction of the Klarta Forste purifier to the market in 2017, which gained considerable popularity among Poles within a few months.

Currently, the company’s offer includes the third version of this device – the Klarta Forste 3 air purifier, as well as the Klarta Stor purifier dedicated to large areas.

The success achieved encouraged Klarta to expand its offer with a device whose task will be to eliminate the problem of dry air. After exploring the topic of humidification and consulting experts, work began on the Klarta Humea air humidifier, which went on sale this summer.

It is a device with a high efficiency of 300 ml/h that uses evaporation technology, so you can safely use regular tap water.

A rather narrow product offer and focus on improving products available on the market result in good consumer ratings. Both models of Klarta purifiers are also highly rated by experts who, above all, notice the excellent price-performance ratio.

On the Ranking-oczyszczaczy.pl website, as of December 16, Klarta Stor is in first place, and Klarta Forste 3 is in second place in the Profitability category. Despite the price of PLN 1,099, Stor ranks 10th in the Possibilities ranking.

Experts from the specialized air purifier store Loveair.pl awarded the Forste 3 purifier third place in the profitability ranking.

In 2018, PC World Komputer testers also recognized the Klarta Stor and Klarta Forste 2 models as top devices in the profitability category, and they wrote about the Stor that it cleansed rooms the fastest of all the tested purifiers.

What do Klarta purifiers protect against?

Depending on the technologies used, air purifiers can remove various pollutants, e.g. inhalant allergens, bacteria and viruses, but they are most often purchased for protection against smog, which is a serious problem in Polish cities and villages. Its main components are suspended dust PM10, PM2.5 and PM1, which are carriers of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins and heavy metals.

Dust particles have a diameter several or several dozen times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. The most dangerous are the smallest ones, which do not stay in the respiratory tract but enter the bloodstream. According to doctors, breathing air contaminated with smog increases the risk of, among others: lung and larynx cancer, heart stroke, heart attack and Alzheimer’s disease. Pollution also leads to the exacerbation of existing diseases, e.g. asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Klarta Forste 3 and Klarta Stor air purifiers are equipped with filtration technologies perfectly suited to Polish conditions. The most effective HEPA filter is responsible for removing suspended dust. It also deals very well with inhaled allergens, many viruses and bacteria. The filter made of activated carbon absorbs gaseous pollutants, including carcinogenic formaldehyde, which is present in many cleaning products and cosmetics. The operation of these two filters is supported by a pre-filter and a certified ionizer.

Intelligent operation and low operating costs

Klarta Forste 2 and Klarta Stor are intelligent air purifiers that adjust the filtration rate to the current level of PM2.5 suspended dust. Thanks to a precise sensor and a rigorous automatic mode algorithm – based on European air quality standards – the devices perfectly protect the health of household members, allowing you to forget about the problem of smog.

Klarta Forste 3 is a purifier designed for rooms up to 40 m² in size, which can be purchased for PLN 749. One of the differences between this model and its predecessor is the new engine, which ensures very quiet operation. Power consumption has also been reduced – the average energy consumption is only 8 W, which, combined with the low price of replacement filters (a set sufficient for a year costs PLN 139), makes Klarta Forste 3 one of the best options on the Polish market in terms of operating costs. These are not all the advantages, because the purifier is available in five colors and the manufacturer covers it with a 3-year warranty.

Klarta Stor is perfect for rooms with an area of ​​up to 80 m², as well as in places that require the use of a purifier with excellent performance, i.e. in kindergartens, nurseries and offices. The device costs PLN 1,099, so it is one of the purifiers with the best price to CADR ratio. Replacement filters for this model cost PLN 259 and their service life is two years. Thanks to its streamlined shapes and three color versions, Klarta Stor perfectly implements the brand’s assumptions regarding the aesthetics of air purifiers.


Klarta air purifiers are devices created under the supervision of specialists who ensure their effectiveness and perfect adaptation to Polish conditions. A thorough analysis of users’ needs and expectations allowed us to create purifiers that won the hearts of many Poles and were appreciated by experts.

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