The Polish athlete was charged. Continuation of the scandal related to Ewa Swoboda

The Polish athlete was charged.  Continuation of the scandal related to Ewa Swoboda

During the Polish Indoor Championships, there was a fight in one of the stands with Sebastian U. in the main role. This is the result of the case related to Ewa Swoboda.

The Polish Indoor Championships were held in Toruń on February 17 and 18, but after they ended, much more was said about the brawl that took place in the stands. Sebastian U. appeared there, an athlete – as he claims – in love with Ewa Swoboda. The thing is that the runner herself considers him a persecutor, she wants nothing to do with him, and there is a case pending against the runner in the prosecutor’s office.

Sebastian U. was charged

Despite this, the 22-year-old does not stop in his efforts to get closer to the athlete. This time he also came to the capital of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship just because of it. According to athletes such as Piotr Lisek and Krzysztof Kiljan (Swoboda’s partner), Sebastian U. behaved reprehensibly, so the runner asked the security guards to take him out of the facility. This took place before the final of the women’s 60-meter race.

As a result, there was a serious fight between the athlete suspended by the PZLA and the security guards who tried to take him out. He resisted strongly, so the officers tried to take him away by force. Now it turns out that Sebastian U. hit one of the security guards. This is indicated by the statement sent to the media by Sebastian Pypczyński from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Toruń.

“The police’s preliminary findings show that the 22-year-old disrupted the sporting event, shouting and calling the competition participants names. Moreover, he did not follow the orders given by the security service, resisted and hit one of the security guards, damaging his glasses. The officers detained and then took the man to the police detention center. Today (February 19, 2024), the detained 22-year-old was charged with destroying property and violating the bodily integrity of a member of the security service at the site of a mass event. Now he faces a penalty of up to 5 years in prison and a heavy fine,” we read in the statement.

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