Foreigners are buying more and more apartments. In 2021, another barrier was broken

Foreigners are buying more and more apartments.  In 2021, another barrier was broken

Last year, foreigners bought 10,621 apartments in Poland. This is more than in the record-breaking 2019. The buyers were mainly Ukrainians.

Foreigners are buying more and more apartments in Poland. In 2021, for the first time the number of properties they purchased exceeded the ceiling of 10,000. – according to a report prepared by

The numbers for 2021 are up 43%. higher than in 2020 and by 25%. higher than in the record-breaking year of 2019.

The citizens of Ukraine are the most active and, out of 10,621 apartments sold to foreigners, they bought 4,423 apartments. This is more than half more than a year earlier – informs In 2019, Ukrainian citizens constituted 39 percent. foreigners buying apartments in Poland.

The number of customers from Belarus is also growing: last year they bought 729 apartments in Poland (an increase of 56% compared to the previous year). In turn, Russians bought 363 apartments in our country on the Vistula River in 2021, i.e. 36 percent more. more than in 2020.

Foreigners buy apartments mainly in large cities. There is no surprise: Warsaw came first on the list, followed by Kraków and Wrocław.

A decrepit rental market. There are practically no available apartments in Radom

It is still too early to predict whether the refugees who have been in Poland for almost two months will want to stay here longer and buy an apartment. However, it can be assumed that some people will find a job here and slowly start to put down roots, and over time they will bring the rest of their family here and perhaps decide to buy an apartment. So far, refugees have had a significant impact on the rental market: the offer in cities has shrunk significantly, and the cheapest apartments, which were rented first, are simply no longer available. Marek Wielgo, an expert of the portal, cites data from the Unirepo website, which monitors 38 advertising portals. They show that since January 2021, the offer has shrunk by 44%. At the beginning of April, only approximately 63.6 thousand were theoretically available throughout Poland. available premises.

Statistics from the portal show that the offer of apartments for rent has decreased significantly. In Warsaw it decreased by 25%, in Gdańsk – by 35%, in Kraków – by 60%, in Łódź – by 26%, in Poznań – by 32%, in Wrocław – by 53%, and in Radom – by 100 percent – reports the MondayNews agency.

PKO BP uses different numbers. In Wrocław, supply decreased by over 60 percent, similarly in Zielona Góra and Kraków, in Lublin – by about 50 percent, in Opole, and in Gdańsk and Warsaw – by about 40 percent. The largest cities lost on average from 30 to 70 percent. offers – comments Aleh Tur, expert of the Polish Real Estate Federation.

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