The government’s representative attacks the German media. “An attempt by the Federal Republic of Germany to influence the elections in the Republic of Poland”

The government's representative attacks the German media.  "An attempt by the Federal Republic of Germany to influence the elections in the Republic of Poland"

The visa scandal has reached the western border. German media write about “unprecedented scale”. According to Stanisław Żaryn, this is an attempt to influence the October elections.

The topic of illegal migrants has been prominent in the parliamentary campaign from the very beginning. First thanks to the spots of Law and Justice, now thanks to the so-called the government’s “visa scandal”. This time the narrative has a broader scope, there is even talk of an international investigation.

No wonder it was not missed by foreign media. Especially German, which the government has often accused of interfering with Polish independence. The Bild daily opened the new week with the topic of visas, which were allegedly issued to immigrants for a high fee without sufficient control.

German media write “visa scandal on an unprecedented scale”

“Corruption! The Polish government is on the trail of smugglers. “Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs after a nervous breakdown in the clinic” – reads the bold title of Bild. “A visa scandal of unimaginable scale is currently shaking the Polish government and the entire Schengen area. Suspicion: It is said that in the last three years alone, Poland has illegally imported as many as 350,000 to the European Union. migrants,” we read.

The headline did not escape the Polish authorities. The government constantly explains that the scale of the practice is closer to individuals than to hundreds of thousands, and the whole thing is being clarified on an ongoing basis. The Bild article was commented on by Stanisław Żaryn, Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. He published all entries on social media twice – in Polish and German.

The government representative responds to “Bild”. He alleges interference in the elections

“German media attack Poland using lies. The case of irregularities in issuing visas concerns several hundred proceedings. Polish services detained 7 people in this case. The case is incidental and is being investigated by relevant institutions, i.e. the Central Anticorruption Bureau and the National Prosecutor’s Office,” Żaryn said.

It didn’t end there. The secretary stated that “the German media, following part of the Polish opposition, are taking advantage of the situation by spreading lies and attacking Poland on this occasion.” “There is an attempt to make Poland out to be the country responsible for the migration crisis in Europe. This is nonsense,” he added.

“Unfortunately, it is clear that the German media distributes false information in order to destabilize Poland’s internal affairs. This coincides with the election campaign, which should be assessed as an attempt by Germany to influence the elections in the Republic of Poland,” Żaryn wrote, accusing our neighbors of interference.

In August, the Sejm adopted a special resolution

This is not the first time that the government has accused the German side of interfering in the elections. In mid-August, the Sejm, with a majority of votes from Law and Justice, adopted a resolution on foreign interference in the electoral process. According to the MPs submitting the proposal, it was based on the words of the head of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber, who was unfavorable to the ruling party.

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