Energy voucher. We know how many people will benefit

Will energy prices remain frozen?  Zalewski: Without it, they will increase by 76%.

The energy voucher is intended to support people in real need who are unable to improve their farm's energy efficiency due to, among others, financial problems – said Miłosz Motyka, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment. The politician stated how many people would be able to count on such support.

At the end of 2023, an amendment to the act to support consumers of electricity, gas fuels and heat and certain other acts entered into force. The Act provides that by June 30 this year. energy prices applied last year will be maintained up to a certain lifetime limit. Within the limits, the maximum price is PLN 412/MWh.

How much can prices increase in July? Paulina Henning-Kloska, the Minister of Climate and Environment, talked about this in a recent interview for “Fakt”, at the same time announcing support in the form of an energy voucher.

– We made such a calculation. For me, a desirable situation would be for the bills to not increase by more than PLN 30 per month. However, on the other hand, we would like to provide additional support to the poorest people, who are currently choosing between hot soup and warmth at home, in the form of energy vouchers – said the head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Energy voucher. Who will benefit?

Miłosz Motyka talked about the details of the energy voucher today in the WP “Tłit” program. The Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment emphasized that it is intended to be support for people in real need who do not have the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their farm due to, among others, financial problems.

– We are talking about a situation in which energy bills often amount to 30, 40 percent, even half of all expenses. We are also talking about large families, where consumption is very high. We are generally talking about households in which the level of electricity expenditure is significantly higher than the average – said Motyka.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment estimates that, taking into account the criteria, “approximately 3 million households will be covered by support.”

When asked whether the income threshold would qualify for support, the politician emphasized that “this is one of the solutions that could work.” However, the details will be known when a specific bill is ready.

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