What next with the president’s draft budget-related bill? The MPs decided

What next with the president's draft budget-related bill?  The MPs decided

The Parliamentary Public Finance Committee recommended the adoption of the government’s draft budget-related act. Earlier, MPs decided not to proceed with the bill authored by President Andrzej Duda.

The Parliamentary Public Finance Committee unanimously recommended the adoption of the government’s draft budget-related act. This bill was submitted to the Sejm last Friday.

The Finance Committee supports the adoption of the government budget-related act

The project – as the Radio Information Agency reminds – includes, among others: provisions on the transfer of treasury bonds worth up to PLN 3 billion for pediatric oncology. However, there is no article on establishing base amounts for soldiers and officers, which was included in the previous budget-related act, vetoed by President Andrzej Duda just before Christmas.

– Pay raises for soldiers and officers are included in the budget, they always have been. The provisions of the previous budget-related act were only intended to time these increases differently. Now they will receive raises on the same terms as the entire budget sector – explained Deputy Minister of Finance Hanna Majszczyk.

The provisions that allowed the Minister of Finance to transfer bonds worth PLN 3 billion to public media were also abandoned. It was the presence of these provisions that the president explained the veto to the budget-related act, emphasizing that he did not agree to allocate funds in such an amount for “illegally taken over public media. According to the new project, securities for this amount would be received by the National Health Fund for child psychiatry.” and pediatric oncology and for oncological diagnosis or oncological treatment of other patients.

The MPs did not deal with the presidential project

Let us recall that a week ago the president submitted his own draft budget-related bill for 2024. However, the Parliamentary Public Finance Committee decided today that it will not proceed with this bill. The motion of Left MP Tomasz Trela ​​to remove the presidential project from the agenda was supported by 23 MPs, 14 were against.

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