Dutch police arrested Poles at the airport in Amsterdam. They were drunk and aggressive

Dutch police arrested Poles at the airport in Amsterdam.  They were drunk and aggressive

Six Poles arrested in the Netherlands. The men were under the influence of alcohol and started a fight on the plane. The Dutch gendarmerie had to intervene.

The Dutch military police arrested six men at Amsterdam airport who were causing a disturbance on board the plane. As it turned out, all those detained were Poles. The men were clearly under the influence of alcohol, reports the Polish Press Agency.

Intervention with the participation of Poles

The incident involving Polish citizens occurred on the evening of Wednesday, October 3, after landing at Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam. Dutch services were called to arrest six men who started a brawl on board the plane. According to the gendarmerie spokesman, Koninklijke Marechaussee, all those arrested were Poles. “Passengers complained about six men who were drinking their own alcohol and smoking electronic cigarettes,” the statement said.

“One of the detainees resisted arrest and it was necessary to use direct coercive measures,” the spokesman said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

The services do not want to provide information

Nothing more is currently known about the incident. Dutch services cannot provide any information about the intervention. It was not specified with which carrier the incident occurred. Evening flights to Amsterdam Schiphol are operated by both KLM and LOT Polish Airlines.

The Netherlands has a population of approximately 221,000. residents of Polish origin. There is a possibility that the arrested men lived in the Netherlands permanently, but it could also have been a typical tourist trip. The consequences for the group, especially the man who did not want to comply and was aggressive towards security service employees during the arrest, remain unknown.

Drinking alcohol on board is permitted as long as the passenger orders it from the on-board menu and does not pose a danger and does not disturb the flight staff or other passengers. Poles, as stated in the spokesman’s statement, consumed their own alcohol, which is strictly prohibited on board most airlines.

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