Inspections in Poles’ homes. The record holder had to pay the tax office PLN 147 thousand

Inspections in Poles' homes. The record holder had to pay the tax office PLN 147 thousand

The Polish Post Office is going to war with those who do not pay the RTV license fee. Fines can amount to over 100 thousand zlotys.

According to the current regulations, every person who owns a radio and/or television set should pay an RTV license fee. Currently, the rates are PLN 8.70 for a radio only and PLN 27.30 for a TV or a TV and radio. The fee should be paid by the 25th day of each month.

The following are exempt from paying the subscription fee: people with a severe disability, the unemployed, and seniors over 75 years of age. The fee is collected by Poczta Polska.

Inspections of Poles. You can pay a lot

Many people do not pay the RTV license fee, which can have serious consequences. If we register a receiver and do not pay the fees, we will pay a penalty. Poczta Polska has the right to carry out inspections, the purpose of which is to verify whether the recipient who registered their devices complies with the payment of the license fee. If they do not do so, they will face a penalty of 30 times the monthly fee. The inspector’s task is to check whether a given person has radio or television receivers, whether they are registered and, above all, whether they use them.

In the event of arrears, Poczta Polska sends reminders and if the fee is still not paid, it is possible to issue an enforcement order, as a result of which the tax office will be able to enforce the debt by withdrawing the due funds from the debtor’s account.

Penalties for failure to pay the RTV license fee

According to information provided by the Ministry of Finance, from the beginning of the year to May, PLN 11,331,000 was recovered in arrears of subscription fees. The highest penalty based on a single enforcement title amounted to PLN 120,000. At the same time, tax offices also recovered PLN 974,000 in penalties for using an unregistered receiver. The highest penalty amounted to PLN 147,000.

In 2023, the record holder had to pay as much as PLN 187,000 for failure to pay the RTV license fee. The Ministry of Finance emphasized that such high penalties usually apply to companies that have much more than one receiver.

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