Poles are concerned about their cybersecurity. Almost half have no knowledge on this subject

Poles are concerned about their cybersecurity.  Almost half have no knowledge on this subject

47 percent Poles stated that cybersecurity is an issue in the area of ​​finance in which they experience the greatest gaps in their knowledge – according to the report “The level of financial knowledge of Poles 2024” commissioned by the Warsaw Banking Institute and the GPW Foundation.

Only one in four Poles positively assesses the level of their financial knowledge. As it turns out, our biggest problems are with cybersecurity. 47% of people admit to lacking sufficient knowledge in this respect. inhabitants of Poland. Broadly understood investing came second. In this case, 32% report some deficiencies. of us.

– These are issues that should be an area of ​​special concern not only for public institutions, but also for the entire financial sector, so that we put emphasis on them in contacts with clients – says Michał Polak, vice-president of the management board of the Warsaw Banking Institute Foundation.

38% of people want to deepen their knowledge in these areas. respondents in the case of cybersecurity and 20 percent in the field of investing. The study “The level of financial knowledge of Poles 2024” also shows that we have a serious problem with understanding the tax system. Every fourth of us (25%) admits to having no knowledge in this area. In this case, 22 percent wants to deepen his knowledge in this field.

– Understanding the tax system remains a big challenge, which of course involves relatively frequent and complicated changes, for example in our tax settlements. We would also like to know more and should know about the pension system, especially ZUS, but also other pillars on which we can save for retirement. This knowledge is a bit better than it was a few years ago, says Michał Polak. – Over the years, we have seen that knowledge in the field of, for example, non-cash payments, i.e. those that are part of our everyday life, has progressed greatly and this is important. Likewise, using electronic banking no longer poses any major problems.

When asked about the safe use of electronic banking, the vast majority of respondents knew the answers, e.g. providing their login and password to a bank consultant over the phone or reading the entire content of SMS messages with authorization codes from the bank. On average, subjects answered fewer than four out of seven questions correctly. Less than 0.5% knew the correct answer to all questions. subjects.

– It is certainly important that we still do not read financial agreements carefully enough. The percentage of people who admit to reading contracts rather superficially or signing a contract without understanding all the provisions is definitely too high. We also have to do some work here – emphasizes the vice-president of the Warsaw Banking Institute Foundation.

37 percent respondents declared that they read contracts concluded with financial institutions very carefully, and 46 percent – that he tries to do it, but does not always understand all the provisions. 10 percent only checks basic records and compliance of personal data.

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