Shock on board the plane. Passengers heard the announcement that the pilot was dead

Shock on board the plane.  Passengers heard the announcement that the pilot was dead

No one expected such news during the flight. Passengers were informed that the plane’s captain had suddenly died. An emergency landing was necessary.

A Sky Vision Airlines pilot died during the flight. Although the situation may resemble a scene from a dark movie, it actually happened. Everything happened on board an Airbus A320 during a trip from Cairo to Taif in Saudi Arabia. An emergency landing was made in Jeddah.

The pilot died during the flight

“We apologize for changing the flight route to King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah due to the death of my brother and friend, the pilot of the plane, Captain Hassan,” was the message heard by passengers flying with the private Sky Vision Airlines. It was provided by the second pilot on board the Airbus A320. Initially, there was no indication that the journey would have such a tragic ending. All we know is that the man had previously reported health problems.

After the passengers learned that the plane’s captain was dead, a landing was initiated immediately. It took place about 200 km from the destination. A shocking recording from on board went viral. They can be seen, for example, on the TikTok platform. It shows passengers terrified by the unusual situation.

The pilot died during the flight. What’s next?

From the information provided, among others, social media shows that the body of a pilot who died on board the airline Sky Vision Airlines is located in Saudi Arabia. It is to be transported to Egypt, where the man came from. First, the appropriate procedures must be initiated.

It turns out that this is not the first case of this type in the history of the aviation industry. For example, in August 2023, during a flight from Miami to Santiago de Chile, one of the three pilots also lost his life. The man suddenly felt bad and left the cockpit. This was his last trip. Apart from such tragic accidents, there are also other accidents in airplanes, such as injuries caused by turbulence. In many cases, it is also necessary to make an emergency landing and provide immediate assistance to the injured. Fortunately, usually difficult situations are dealt with in time.

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