The new attraction will delight tourists. A dragon trail is being created in Krakow

The new attraction will delight tourists.  A dragon trail is being created in Krakow

The creation of a new attraction in Krakow is getting closer. We are talking about the so-called the dragon trail, which is intended to delight both children and adults. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Krakow is one of the largest and most famous cities in Poland. He has been appreciated many times in many rankings – including: the number one option for a perfect winter holiday. This place is loved by both Poles and foreign tourists. Soon we will have another reason to visit the former capital of our country. All thanks to an interesting attraction.

A new attraction in Krakow. We’ll see her soon

The long-awaited dragon trail is to appear in Krakow, along which we will see many special figurines. These will be quite impressive. The organizers assure that they weigh approximately 25 kg and measure from 35 to 50 cm. What do they represent? Of course, there are dragons in various versions typical of this city.

The attraction will delight, among others: families with children. There will be a lot to see, as there will be as many as 18 dragons on the trail. You can stop at each of them and take a photo. The figurines are intended to remind us of the unique tradition, culture and urban legends.

As you know, the history of the Krakow dragon has been close to us for years. He supposedly once lived in a cave under the Wawel Hill and terrorized the inhabitants of Krakow. Ultimately, the animal was defeated thanks to the cunning plan of the shoemaker Skuba.

Dragon Trail in Krakow. Similar attraction in other Polish cities

Are you wondering when we will see Krakow’s new attraction? It turns out that the first figures are to be installed after November 19. We will see them, among others: near Wawel, but also on the Father Bernatek footbridge, near Primary School No. 29, at the stairs at Bednarski Park, at Axentowicza Square or in Krakowski Park and Jordan Park.

People staying in Krakow will see the following dragons: Surveyor, Tourist, Painter, Dragon with a Fish, a Kite and a Map. The figures were designed by famous Polish cartoonists – Andrzej Mleczko and Edward Lutczyn. Are you curious what they look like? Their images were made available, among others, on internet videos.

This type of attraction is not the only one in our country. Wrocław, Gdańsk, Kołobrzeg and Toruń already have their own trails. There we will see figurines appropriate to the traditions of a given city. These include: dwarves, lions, seagulls and townspeople. The trails are extremely popular and are visited not only by tourists. Will you go to Krakow?

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