Death of tourists at the campsite. The reason was a terrible flood

Death of tourists at the campsite.  The reason was a terrible flood

After a flood wave engulfed a Turkish campsite, two tourists had no chance of survival. The northwestern part of the country is now struggling with weather anomalies. Many people are at risk.

Türkiye has been struggling with terrifying floods for several days. They are the result of long-lasting and intense downpours and the Mediterranean Cyclone Daniel. Not only locals but also tourists were in danger. Those who chose to stay at the local campsites were extremely unlucky. The situation is similarly bad in Greece and Bulgaria, and in some areas you have to be especially careful.

Tragedy in Turkey. Tourists died at the campsite

Although Turkey has been Poles’ favorite foreign country for many years, as evidenced by the latest report presented by the Polish Chamber of Tourism, it may now discourage many people. All because of flash floods that mainly affect the north-western part of the country. Last Tuesday on kecamping in the province of Kirklareli several injured people were found and two tourists were killed. Four others are still wanted.

She informed me about everything AP agency according to the Turkish Ministry of Interior. When the water hit the place heavily, there were 12 people there. Everyone spent their vacation there and had a rest. The reality turned out to be different – the rains flooded and carried away the tents, and the fight against the elements turned out to be too difficult.

How bad the situation is after the flood storm can be seen in photos posted on social media. The campsites have turned into dirty, muddy lakes, there are fallen trees all the time, and the remains of tents are rising to the surface. At the moment, it is known that a similar flood also affected Istanbul in Turkey – in districts Basaksehir and Kucukcekmece streets have turned into rivers, and there is even water in metro stations.

Downpours in Turkey are not everything. Bulgaria and Greece have a problem

Current downpours also affect Bulgaria and Greece. The police prohibits car traffic, among others. in the central city of Volos and the nearby mountain region of Pelion – all because the storm carried away cars. In addition, tourists must be careful near the southern part of the Black Sea coast – the water there has broken, among others, one of the bridges.

People are carried away by the element and many of them remain missing. Bodies of those who did not manage to find shelter in time are also found every now and then. Are you going to these countries? Check in advance whether the situation is stable. Unfortunately, these storms can be surprising and end with up to 125 liters of water per square meter suddenly falling in cities.

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