Hugh Hefner’s Hollywood estate sold

Hugh Hefner's Hollywood estate sold

Crystal Harris, the widow of Hugh Hefner, the longtime publisher and editor-in-chief of Playboy, sold the estate, which was a gift from her husband.

Hugh Hefner, the founder and long-time editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, was known for his very entertaining and seemingly spontaneous lifestyle. However, it turns out that the eccentric millionaire was reasonable and thought about the future. When in 2012, the head of Playboy married his third wife, Crystal Harris, who was sixty years his junior, and decided to secure her future. In 2013, Hefner bought a house in the Hollywood Hills, co-owned by his new wife. The estate, with an area of ​​almost 550 square meters, cost USD 5 million.

Hugh Hefner died in August 2017 at the age of 91. As it turned out after his death. A millionaire bought the property because he was afraid that his wife might lose the roof over her head. The famous Playboy mansion, where the eccentric spent almost his entire life surrounded by beautiful women, is owned by Playboy Enterprises. The company, part of whose business was publishing the magazine, changed ownership after Hefner’s death. The millionaire predicted that this might mean that the estate would be sold and his wife would have nowhere to live. When he died, she became the sole owner of the house in Hollywood.

Recently, Hefner’s widow has been trying to sell the house. Initially, its price was set at $7.2 million. After many months of searching for a buyer, it turned out that there were no interested parties until the price dropped to $5 million, the amount for which the estate was bought by Hefner.

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