Puma attack in the national park. The animal jumped on the tourist's shoulders

Puma attack in the national park.  The animal jumped on the tourist's shoulders

A wild cat unexpectedly attacked a mountain hiker. The dangerous incident occurred on February 12 in Banff National Park.

Although puma attacks on humans are rare, provoked or hungry animals may become interested in humans. A dangerous incident involving a puma took place on Monday, February 12, in Banff National Park in Canada. One of the individuals unexpectedly jumped onto the shoulders of the surprised tourist, who this time managed to escape alive. There have been fatal accidents in this national park before. Last year, a bear killed two people on the Banff Trail.

A puma attack in Banff National Park, Canada

The incident occurred just before 11 a.m. Monday at the Rockbound Lake trailhead. One of the tourists, who was planning to cover a several-kilometer route, was attacked by a puma. The animal jumped on his back and started attacking. In such a situation, a person's chances of survival are very small. Fortunately, the man managed to escape from the clutches of the wild animal – the tourist grabbed the puma by the neck and then threw it off. We have already reported in Wprost about a runner who had to kill a puma in self-defense. This time the animal escaped.

Part of Banff Park closed

Paramedics were immediately called to the scene of the accident. “Fortunately, the patient suffered minor soft tissue injuries as a result of the incident. He was transported to Canmore Hospital in stable and non-life-threatening condition,” we read in the Calgary CTV News article. The authorities of Banff Park in southern Canada decided to close some trails until they find the cause of the wild cat's aggressive behavior. In the past, another puma attack took place in the park, which unfortunately resulted in the death of a tourist. In 2001, a lone female traveler was cross-country skiing near Lake Minnewanka. Park employees advise that in a dangerous situation, do not run away from the animal, but scare it away with aggressive and loud sounds and slowly retreat.

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