The tourist described the problems with the trip to Montenegro. The company responds

The tourist described the problems with the trip to Montenegro.  The company responds

Ewa described the stressful circumstances of the trip to Montenegro. The tourist complained about the organization of the accommodation and the canceled flight. The tour company responded.

The editors of the portal were contacted by Ewa, who complained about the organization of a trip to Montenegro. The trip was organized by Join UP!. Ewa was supposed to spend her dream vacation in this country from 22 to 27 July. According to an account quoted by, there were problems with the original hotel reservation before departure.

Mrs. Ewa reported that on Tuesday, July 17, it turned out that the organizer proposed a different hotel – among others Whitout food. The tourist, who was among the unlucky vacationers, did not hide her disappointment, but after negotiations she managed to receive another offer of accommodation in yet another facility. She had to pay for food herself.

A tourist complains about a canceled flight and accommodation. The company responds

Ewa also described a stressful situation that occurred after rest. In an interview with, she reported that shortly after leaving Podgorica, the plane had to turn back due to a breakdown. Finally, the departure was postponed to the next day. Passengers were to receive support in the form of a voucher worth 4 euros, although – as they pointed out – the cheapest sandwich cost more. After all, the travelers were transported to the hotel, where they were supposed to stay overnight, but there they learned that “no one has heard of free rooms for 53 people.”

Join UP! in the message sent to us, she did not agree with the allegations of the tourist. She reported that 12 people traveled with the company, not 53. She also disagreed with the position that “holiday problems were related to the stay and the hotel”, and not just to the flight canceled by Wizz Air.

According to the tourist, it was not possible to submit a complaint to WizzAir airlines about the situation on their own, because the tickets were purchased by Join UP!. Aleksandra Gąsowska from the company’s Press Office noted that “the complaint procedure is described in the annex to each contract”.

The company sent a commentary on the tourist’s report to the portal. “We are very sorry about the situation. We understand that it was stressful and uncomfortable. Several of our customers were supposed to be on board the canceled flight. All this time, we did everything to clarify the matter with the carrier, which provided the travelers with accommodation in a hotel, and the flight took place the next day. We are currently working to ensure that carriers react faster in such cases and provide clear information, because we would like tourists to always return from their holidays happy” – said the Join UP! Press Office in a press release.

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