The inspector was brazenly stealing at the airport. The camera recorded him swallowing money from his luggage

The inspector was brazenly stealing at the airport.  The camera recorded him swallowing money from his luggage

A bizarre situation occurred at one of the airports. When the passenger was passing through the X-ray gate, the guard… swallowed her money. The recording has been made public.

Philippine airport officer Ninoy Aquino resorted to an unconventional method of theft. The incident occurred during a security check, when an employee was searching the luggage of a passenger who was unaware of the threat. As she was passing through the X-ray scanner, the guard unnoticed took $300 from the tourist’s bag and then moved aside. Standing right under the surveillance camera, she tried to swallow the folded banknotes and drank some water.

Your luggage may not be safe

The information about not leaving luggage unattended given by a megaphone is a standard security procedure intended to protect the airport and passengers from potential threats. Passengers try not to lose sight of their suitcases. The exception, however, is when they have to have their luggage checked. A tourist departing from Ninoy Aquino Airport in the capital of the Philippines left her luggage in theoretically trusted hands. While she passed through the X-ray gate unawares, the Filipino officer was rummaging through her bag for items. She tried to… swallow the $300 she found. The entire situation was recorded by security cameras, which were checked at the request of the injured party. The recordings made public were found on the Internet, where they caused a real storm among other passengers.

The controller was fired and a statement was issued

According to the report, the airport employee struggled to swallow the banknotes. She tried to wash them down with water given to her by another controller, but then she also had difficulty with that. She ignored the next passenger and focused on completing the robbery. When her supervisor approached her, she covered her mouth with a handkerchief, still choking on the banknotes. After the incident, OTS (Office for Transportation Security) established the employee’s identity and issued a statement. Other employees involved were also dismissed.

“Upon receiving information about the recent allegations of theft involving a security screening officer at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1, where cash amounting to Three Hundred United States Dollars went missing, the Office of Transportation Security (OTS) took action to confirm the information and initiate an investigation fact-finding,” reads the organization’s statement.

An investigation is underway to determine whether such abuses by controllers occurred more frequently at the airport. The Philippines ranks 116th out of 190 countries in the GDP per capita ranking. It was not determined whether the economic situation led the controller to such an extreme act. Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista is demanding the highest possible punishment for the employee.

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