In these cities, Airbnb properties are more expensive than hotels. The list includes: Warsaw

In these cities, Airbnb properties are more expensive than hotels.  The list includes:  Warsaw

Many tourists wonder what type of facility is better to book during their trip. A list of places where Airbnb will be more expensive than a hotel has been published.

Hotel or Airbnb? Many travelers ask themselves this question before leaving. It turns out that in some cities the price difference between the two most popular types of accommodation facilities can be significant. The popular Travel Off Path blog published a list of 7 European capitals where short-term rental prices will be higher than a night in a classic hotel. The list includes a place for a Polish city.

Airbnb more expensive than a hotel

We reported last year that the prices of popular rentals from private owners on Airbnb may not be as attractive as they seem. Private owners often add additional fees that increase the final price for the stay. Now the Travel Off Path blog has published a list of European capitals where it is better to choose a hotel. Among them, we will find places popular among Polish travelers. “The new Deluxe Holiday Homes report shows that Airbnb hotels are more expensive than hotels in these 7 European cities: Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Stockholm, Vienna and Rome,” we read.

In Warsaw you will pay 65 percent more

According to experts, in the capital of our country, tourists will pay on average PLN 183 (per person) for a hotel room with breakfast, while for a stay in an Airbnb and breakfast in the city we have to count about PLN 303 per person. “This means that if you choose Airbnb instead of a hotel, you will pay 65 percent more,” we read. We can expect an equally high difference when booking accommodation in Vienna and Prague. In the other cities mentioned in the list, the costs should not be much higher. So if we like a property on Airbnb very much, it is worth choosing it despite the slightly higher expense. In many cases, this type of facilities also offer greater privacy than hotel rooms and additional space for preparing meals.

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