Dangerous incident at sea. Orcas sank another yacht

Dangerous incident at sea.  Orcas sank another yacht

Orcas continue to roam the seas and oceans. This time they sank a yacht sailing through the Strait of Gibraltar. It turned out that the crew had no chance to distract the unexpected guests.

The serious incident occurred at the end of last weekend. On Sunday, May 12, killer whales swimming in the great waters of the Strait of Gibraltar suddenly sank a 15-meter yacht called Alboran Cognac. Appropriate services were immediately called for help. The situation is disturbing because it is the second such case in a short period of time.

Orcas sank the yacht. The crew was saved

The yacht was sunk in the Strait of Gibraltar near Morocco. The Spanish Maritime Rescue Service reported the unpleasant incident, and foreign media also became interested in the case. There were two people on board the 15-meter yacht who reported early on that they were in danger.

According to the crew, they began to sink suddenly. They said they felt an impact on the hull, and then it only got worse. Support was called to the injured in time. Before the yacht was underwater, the couple was approached by a nearby tanker that took them on board. Only thanks to this they survived.

Orcas sink yachts. This is not the first such incident

The incident that occurred on Sunday in the Strait of Gibraltar is not the only one of its kind. There have been many similar situations reported recently. Orcas have been attacking yachts for years, and experts even have theories as to why. The first flooding accident occurred in May 2020 – this was the first time such an event was reported. Since then, almost 700 similar situations have occurred.

According to experts, killer whales' behavior can be learned. They can learn from each other and pass on patterns to subsequent generations. On the one hand, it may be simple interest in an unusual object, on the other hand, it is likely that it is a deliberate attempt to deal with the enemy.

Nowadays, you need to be especially careful when driving a yacht. Orcas can be found in waters all over the world. They are known to live in groups of 5 to 40 individuals. One can weigh up to 6.5 tons and reach up to 7.7 meters in length. It is said that the largest populations can be found in the Atlantic Ocean near Iceland and Norway and in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Alaska and Canada. However, these mammals also like to explore tropical waters.

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