Huge boulders fell onto the cars. A shocking video went viral

Huge boulders fell onto the cars.  A shocking video went viral

A dangerous incident occurred near one of the towns in Peru. Boulders started falling from the mountainside directly onto the road. One of them hit a truck.

A video has appeared online showing the terrifying moment of a rockslide from a mountain slope in Peru. Huge boulders started falling on the road, and one of them hit one of the trucks. The incident occurred in the San Mateo district, which is located in the region of the country's capital, Lima.

Landslide in Peru. Boulders fell on cars

The dramatic footage was recorded by a dash cam from a vehicle that was driving right behind the injured truck. You can see a giant rock rushing down the slope towards a large car. A huge stone overturned the machine, sending clouds of sand and dust flying around.

The boulder directly hit the cargo area and flipped the truck on its side. The driver behind him slammed on his brakes as a smaller boulder landed in front of his cab. The man somehow managed to unbuckle his seatbelt and escape when more stones started falling from above.

The cabin shook violently for several seconds as rocks fell on it before the recording ended.

According to the Peruvian newspaper La República, both drivers escaped the accident without injuries.

Streets closed and disruptions

The road between the towns of Casapalca and Corcona was closed after national police rushed to the site to inspect the area and clear debris. It took at least four hours.

About eight hours after the first incident, a second landslide resulted in rocks falling onto a road in the same area. The incidents occurred after heavy rains hit Peru. They caused devastating rockslides and traffic disruptions. Many drivers were looking for alternative routes, and the services warned against the possibility of further phenomena of this type.

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