A rare species of animal was walking near a Polish hospital. He was all white

A rare species of animal was walking near a Polish hospital.  He was all white

Residents of Wejherowo shared an unusual discovery with the TVN portal. While walking, they noticed a white fallow deer. They admitted that the animal looked amazing.

Animals with unusual fur or skin colors always attract people’s attention. Recently, an albino puma that was born in an American zoo caused a sensation. This time, the valuable white specimen was encountered in Poland. I’m talking about a fallow deer that was walking near the municipal hospital in Wejherowo.

A white fallow deer was walking near the hospital. Was amazing

The white fallow deer was noticed by walkers. “My wife and I went for a walk in the forest in Wejherowo, which is located near the hospital. Practically at the very entrance to the forest we saw a white fallow deer. I was surprised because it was the first time in my life that I saw a white fallow deer in these forests. “An amazing view,” a witness told the media.

The man’s statement showed that he was shocked by the sight. The white fallow deer seemed so special to him that he decided to grab his phone and record the event. He sent his video to the TVN editorial office on Kontakt 24. After the information was published online, other media quickly wrote about it.

Daniel is a mammal from the deer family. In Poland, there is mainly one with a characteristic red-brown color, covered with white spots arranged in longitudinal rows on the back and sides. The body length of an adult individual is from 1.3 to 2.3 m. This means that it is larger than a roe deer, but smaller than a red deer. He is not considered dangerous and tries to stay away from people. Such a white creature is rare, so to see it you must be extremely lucky.

The photos of the white fallow deer are impressive

The white fallow deer immortalized in the man’s video is impressive. It shows a calm animal walking among the trees. According to the witness, there were two gray individuals next to the unusual individual, but they could not be captured.

When asked by TVN about the animal, the spokeswoman for the Wejherowo Forest District replied that it was most likely not an albino. She revealed that fallow deer with light and almost white coats appear in Wejherowo quite regularly. Similar units were seen in Kujawy, Podlasie and Warmia and Mazury. Have you had a chance to see them live?

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